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Born indigenous to the land of the americas. Echo T a holistic italist/vegan started his career at a young age.  A true story teller/writer at heart.  He is into fitness and his spirituality staying connected to his roots.  It wasn’t until later he made a bold statement onto the music scene.  His discography displays a diversity of flavaz.  


Echo T released his first album @Life Story in 2011. It truly encapsulates his journey and the inadequate situations worldwide. @Predatory Lending captures what was happening at that time yet still relevant today. @Facts of Life showcases the ghetto where he grew up. The album was the first time he showed his diversity as an artist with @Misunderstanding.


He then followed up with his second album @It’s Me in 2013. With this project he continued to display his roots, diversity, and culture. He broadened his horizon by introducing you to @Take you there and @I Love my Mommy (remix) [Mother’s Love]. Mother’s Love was liveticated to the single mother who raised him through the difficulties of their lives. He laid out his world view with a poem @My People and continues his diversity with a dancehall track @Wah Do Dem. After his sophomore album he dropped single after single as a roots, fusion and a world music artist. His discography includes @Forever Young, @Love for You, @Natural Girl  @Leave People Business and @I Live my Life Fi You.


His journey continued with his 3rd album Flavaz. You can find him in the studio working on @energyvampire single and a lot moor, in addition to his fourth album.

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